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  • Pet Pocket Pro Trimmer
    1 Year Warranty
  • #5 Pet Clipper Guide - 16mm
  • #6 Pet Clipper Guide - 19mm
  • #4 Pet Clipper Guide - 13mm
  • KM2 2 Speed Pet Clipper
    1 Year Warranty
  • #1 Pet Clipper Guide - 3mm
  • Show Pro Pet Clipper
    1 Year Warranty

Pet Clippers For Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

Professional pet groomers can cost a fortune, it's no secret. It's cheaper and even more convenient to give your furry family members a trim and clip at home, which is why it makes sense to invest in a set of pet groomers.

From trusted dog & cat clipper brands Wahl & Furminator, we carry a range from quick and easy to professional that makes pet clipping and grooming at home a breeze. We also carry a range of different sized guides so you can purchase replacements easily

All pet grooming clippers come with a warranty, so you can trust that whatever pair you purchase, you'll be in safe hands and peace of mind. Browse the range online and in-store.